Perfect long-term window tinting for your is guaranteed!

Tinting using original US brands

Tinting with a manufacturer’s warranty of 6-12 years.
Tinting with installation warranty until the end of the car’s service life.
Tinting according to CSDD and EU laws.

Let us tint your car windows using only the highest quality metallic films.

For automotive window tinting we use metallic USA automotive films. The materials of the following manufacturers have proven themselves in our long-term practice and are also well-recognized across the world as automotive films of the highest class (High-performance automotive window films): LLumar, 3M and Sun-Gard Madico. When tinting a car with these films, the manufacturer warranty period provided by us is from 6 to 12 months. This warranty guarantees that, within the warranty period, the film will not fade, change its initial appearance, flake, and turn purple or blue. Our workmanship quality warranty is valid till the end of the operational lifetime of a car. Even though the warranty period provided by the manufacturer of the film will have expired, we guarantee that the film will not begin to come off the glass, will not begin to come off at the corners, due to opening and closing of the window, or deform in any other way due to installation or cutting. Having been tinting car and building windows for 17 years, we have become masters and professionals of our craft, which has become more as a hobby.

Tinting simulator

Window films only with US metalized films within 1.5 - 2 hours.

Building glass and glass structure tinting.

Installing film on building windows is the most efficient way of reducing the amount of heat penetrating into the building. It is possible to install anti-sun mirror film or film with minimum tinting on window glass. Window glass can have anti-sun mirror film or film with minimum tinting installed on them for rejecting sun heat. These films will significantly reduce the blindening effect of the sun and the temperature inside the premises. 99% UV ray rejection means that the interior of the premises shall not fade. These films will add a higher sense of privacy to the premises, as well as improve the facade of the building. A film installed on the glass will act as a safety barrier against shards of glass in case a window breaks, which is important for offices and public places where a lot of people gather.

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