Automotive window tinting

Perfect long-term window tinting is guaranteed!

Advantages of automotive window tinting, practicability and efficiency when tinting is performed by us:

  • Automotive glass tinting is a way of transforming the visual appearance of a car making it more individual and creating a more private feeling for the driver inside.
  • Automotive window tinting significantly decreases the amount of hot sunlight getting into the car interior, and 99% of harmful UV radiation will be rejected.
  • Tinting decreases car interior upholstery fading and formation of dashboard cracks.
  • In the event the glass breaks, the film installed onto it will keep it in one piece, meaning that you will be protected from glass chippings.
  • Selecting the dark tones will make it harder for thieves to spot valuable belongings inside your car interior.
  • You will save some fuel, not a lot though. The interior will not heat up so much as in the case of non-tinted windows, resulting in the air conditioning system consuming less power.
  • Behind a tinted window, your eyes will be not suffer from the blinding sunlight or car headlights during night time.
  • Tinting using metallic USA films will make it easier for you to drive around at any time of the day.
  • Tinting using metallic USA films LLumar, 3M, Sun-Gard Madico will be considered as an extra car feature in the long term, serving both you, and the next owners of the car, which is important when a car is sold with tinting films that have not faded.

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Why tint car windows?

Heat rejection

Window films reduce the amount of sun heat getting inside the car interior by up to 87%, as well as reject up to 99% of harmful UV radiation. Nowadays, one does not have to choose the darkest film in order to achieve full rejection of heat. It is possible to install a very light film with impressive heat rejection. During hot summer, it will be much easier to drive around in your cooler car; the film will not blind you, the car interior upholstery will be protected against fading, and the air conditioning system will be loaded less, which leads to saving some fuel. Finally, you and your children will be protected against skin issues that can arise due to exposure to direct sunlight.

Visual style, privacy

Glass tinting will transform the visual appearance of your car, and being inside the car will bring more privacy. Each car make can have the perfect window tinting darkness and tone selected for it. There are cars that look better with black film, whereas mirror film is more suitable for other cars. By explaining to us how you wish to transform the appearance of your car, we will be able to find the best car tinting solution, in terms of both visual appearance, and in terms of film efficiency. Taking into account car dimensions, colour, interior upholstery, the appearance of your car can be transformed up to a point you will no longer recognize it, since windows make up for a very large portion of the car body.

Anti-theft security

Often it is the tinted car windows that protect your belongings inside the car from being stolen by thieves, since they are not easily visible to the eyes of people passing by. Tinting will create a sense of security in regard to your belongings left inside the car. The car itself also will not be damaged due to breaking glass or damaging a lock. Tinted windows are not a 100% safe solution against theft; however, it still provides some protection, even if it is just a little bit. Many clients wish to tint the windows of their work cars, minibuses, and station wagons with the darkest films available, with one of the reasons for it is being able to protect your belongings and tools against thieves. Tinting windows will be cheaper!

Your safety behind the wheel

In the event of glass breaking, windows with thin or thick tinting film or safety film installed, will always provide more safety for you. When glass breaks, the film will hold the potentially flying glass chippings in one piece. The most efficient option, from a safety point of view, will be installing a safety film, which is much thicker. In the event of glass breaking, this fill will hold the glass chippings in one piece and will also prevent the broken glass from falling out of the door frame. This is a way of prolonging the time necessary for a thief to get inside your car, since the film will have to be cut, chopped or hammered. It all comes down to the thickness of the safety film you will opt to install. Safety films are both fully transparent, and slightly tinted. CSDD permits the transparent ones, and they reject 99.9% of UV radiation.

For automotive window tinting we use metallic USA automotive films.

The materials of the following manufacturers have proven themselves in our long-term practice and are also well-recognized across the world as automotive films of the highest class (High-performance automotive window films): LLumar, 3M and Sun-Gard Madico. When tinting a car with these films, the manufacturer warranty period provided by us is from 6 to 12 months. This warranty guarantees that, within the warranty period, the film will not fade, change its initial appearance, flake, and turn purple or blue. Our workmanship quality warranty is valid by the operational lifetime of a car. Even though the warranty period provided by the manufacturer of the film will have expired, we guarantee that the film will not begin to come off the glass, will not begin to come off at the corners, due to opening and closing of the window, or deform in any other way due to installation or cutting. Having operated in the sphere of tinting building and car windows, we have become masters and professionals of our craft, which has become more as a hobby. Before tinting windows, we will provide you with maximum assistance in the selection of the most suitable film tone, level of darkening, type and manufacturer of the film. Through consulting with us about the car window tinting, we will make your rides in your car comfortable, safe and visually elegant. Range of materials used: LLumar Titanium ATR 10 – year warranty; 3M Colorstable, Crystalline – 10-year warranty; Sun-Gard Madico Black Pearl – 6-year warranty.

Tinting simulator

Window films only with US metalized films within 1.5 - 2 hours.

Car windows can have safety film installed.

Car windows can have safety film installed which is desiegned for your safety in case the glass breaks, preventing sustaining injuries from glass chippings. This film will keep the glass in one piece, which will also significantly prolong the time necessary for a burglar to get inside the car. The thicker the safety film, the longer the time necessary for a burglar to break through it. Upon installing a safety film, as well as any other film, it will prevent 99% of harmful UV rays from penetrating into the car. UV ray rejection means that your interior will not fade and crack. This film is available fully transparent allowing you to pass the annual CSDD technical inspection without any problems. We are offering safety films of different thickness that are also lightly tinted. The thicker the film on the windows, the higher level of safety for your and protection for your car!

For automotive window tinting, it is possible to select a very light, minimum level of tinting

For automotive window tinting, it is possible to select a very light, minimum level of tinting which is important in summer and can be installed on the front side windows of a car. Minimum tinting will slightly reject the heat radiated from the sun and 99% of UV rays. With very light tinting it is possible to smooth out the visual tinting contrast of the windows between the rear and from windows of a car. The lighter the tinting, the less the contrast between the windows. Light tinting will not be visible on a bright and sunny summer day, it will only be visible on a rainy and cloudy day. Only upon opening a window will you know you have the film installed because we will make sure the film is not visible in respect to the edge of the glass. However, we have to remind you that tinting films do not comply with the CSDD requirements and will slightly exceed the permited level of translucence of 70%. According to legislation, it is permitted to to install window tinting films with only 3-10% tinting, depending on the car. Measurements of windows without tinting will show values very close to 70%, especially for the newer cars. It means that, for example, 5% tinting level is a visually transparent film that will not be noticeable, and the windows will be tinted only theoretically. According to the regulations of the CSDD, front window tinting does not exist.

Upon choosing the exclusive 3M Crystalline 90 automotive films

Upon choosing the exclusive 3M Crystalline 90 automotive films, compliance with the CSDD requirements and passing the annual technical inspection is guaranteed. Installing these films makes it possible to achieve impressive sun heat reflection level of 34% and 99% reflection of UV rays, taking into account that the film is very light. Reflective effect will be noticeable in practice on summer days and in summer evenings, when the sun is low on the horizon, and you are opening anc closing your car windows. This film is chosen by people who cannot remain under the exposure of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. By choosing the 3M crystalline 90 film you will significantly decrease the temperature inside your car and duration of operating the air conditioning unit, resulting in less fuel consumed! The analogues offered on the market will not have heat reflection level of 34%. In the photo below you can see the maximum permitted tinting level for the front side windows.

The Republic of Latvia Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.466 of April 29, 2004.

The Republic of Latvia Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No.466 of April 29, 2004, On vehicle annual technical inspection and technical control and inspection conducted on road, article 627.3 prescribes that it is prohibited to cover the front window (windshield)with any type of coating (films). The front side door windows (driver’s and passenger’s) translucence may not be less than 70 %.It means that the legislation prohibits installing (gluing) any type of tinting film or mateiral on the front window (windshield) and front side door windows ! 5-10% tinting film is nearly as transparent and invisible as a safety film (if it were installed). In respect to the remaining rear car windows there are not tinting restrictions. You can verify this information at at any CSDD inspection station anywhere in Latvia or at our workshop. Measurements of a a non-titned window using a calibrated device will show translucence reading of about 70%-77% that would be the car factory tinting. Such minimal tinting is achieved without using a tinting film.

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