Building window tinting

Building and glass structure wrapping and tinting using tinting film, heat rejection film, mirror film, safety film, matte and decorative films.

Installing film on building windows is the most efficient way of reducing the amount of heat penetrating into the building.

Installing film on building windows is the most efficient way of reducing the amount of heat penetrating into the building. It is possible to install anti-sun mirror film or film with minimum tinting on window glass. Window glass can have anti-sun mirror film or film with minimum tinting installed on them for rejecting sun heat. These films will significantly reduce the blindening effect of the sun and the temperature inside the premises. 99% UV ray rejection means that the interior of the premises shall not fade. These films will add a higher sense of privacy to the premises, as well as improve the facade of the building. A film installed on the glass will act as a safety barrier against shards of glass in case a window breaks, which is important for offices and public places where a lot of people gather.

The materials used are Sun-Gard MADICO mirror film (silver) and 3M Prestige anti-sun films for building windows. The cheaper and most popular of these is the Sun-Gard Madico mirror film.These films are available in various tinting and lavels of darkening. The darkest film (silver20) will be the most suitable. This material will ensure sun heat rejection of up to 74%. By installing film silver 20, one has to take into consideration that it will create darkening inside the premises. The darker the mirror film, the more sun heat it rejects, but the interior of the premises will also become darker. Darkening can be reduced by installing lighter films, for example, silver 35, copper 32, neutral 35 or 50. The lighter the film, the less sun heat it rejects, and vice versa. The highest level of rejection will be achieved upon installing the film from the outside. This tinting solution will not allow the sun rays to penetrate inside the space between the window glass panes. As a result, the window will not heat up and make the premises warner, thus acting like a radiator.

The most efficient and prestige will be 3M Prestige solar heat protection films.

3M Prestige film production does not involve internal metalization of the film, instead new nano technologies are applied. 3M Prestige plēve sastāv no 200 mikro slāņiem. Therefore, in comparison with metallic or painted films, these films are much more lighter and have a higher heat rejection effect. Of course, the darkening inside the premises will be at a minimum level, and a crystal-clear view towards the outside of the premises will be ensured. 3M Prestige will not have a mirror effect from the interior of the premises during day time. Prestige is without metal micro layer and has a very minimal mirror effect. It is a highly-demanded solution for cottages and summer houses. Prestige ins produced both installable from both inside, and outside of the window. The film designed to be installed on the inside of the window may not be installed on its outside! Making such a mistake will significantly decrease the lifetime of the film, and such a mistake is common when trying to keep the costs at a minimum. The film designed to be installed on the outside of the window will be more expensive than that designed to be installed on the inside of the window.  3M, the producred of this films, has specified a 10-year warranty period for these films in the technical data; it applies also to the films designed to be installed on the outside of a window. Metallic films have a warranty period of up to 5 years.

Safety films.

By installing safety film on a window you will protect yourself and others efficiently against glass shards in case the glass breaks.

Safety film installed on glass surface will not allow the formation of chippings in case the glass breaks; instead it will ensure the glass stays in one piece along with the film. By installing a safety film you will protect your property against burglars. Burglars will require much more time to deform the glass with a film, depending on the thickness of the installed film. Safety film will prolong entering the premises long enough for the security service employees to arrive. The manufacturer of the safety film often offers fully transparent films and slightly tinted films. They also come in different thickness. A thicker film means more protection against glass chippings in case it breaks, as well as protection against burglars. Arī drošības plēves, kā citas plēves nelaiž cauri 99% UV starus. Safety films are very important and often installing safety films is compulsory for public premises, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, offices, and hotels. In the USA after the 11th Septmeber safety film is compulsory for governmental institutions!

Tinting films.

Matte films.

Decorative films.

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