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Full car wrapping (vinyl wrapping) is the most popular and fastest way of changing a car’s colour and visual appearance. We are using the 3M series 1080 cast vinyl for car wrapping, which is the most qualitative long-term wrapping product in the world. Having tested the products of several producers, we have come to a conclusion that 3M meets the highest requirements and constitutes high-quality long-term car wrapping. In Latvia’s climate, the 3M films have 5-year warranty period if the car is used during winter time. The biggest advantages of car wrapping are: the 3M colour palette ir unique and cannot be reproduced using car paint. A car cannot be painted in colour tones that are available for wrapping. For example, matte and semi-matte tones allow for a positive transformation of your car up to a point you will not even be able to recognize it, by wrapping it in one or various (combined) tones.

When wrapping a car fully or partly it is mandatory that the surface of its body is painted and covered with varnish. Of course, there cannot be any rust, paint or varnish defects present. Applying film onto such defects or surface that has filler on it is technologically incorrect. Otherwise, the 3M warranty becomes void. We often receive questions: Can a film hide, suppress or stop the rust from spreading? The answer is: no. On the contrary – it will only speed up the rusting process. High-quality car wrapping using the 3M series 1080 cast vinyl films cost about as much as re-painting a car. Wrapping costs vary a lot individually depending on the car model, body dimensions, level of difficulty, and the selected film colour tone, the price of which can vary slightly. The 3M cast vinyl films will adhere on curved and complex surfaces in the long term; it will not begin to come off on the edges, and no air bubbles will form at the curved parts of the body, which also greatly depends on the wrapping workmanship.

A car wrapped with vinyl will definitely preserve its original painting, as if it was new. Upon changing the owner of a car, the film can be removed without any problems at all. These films do not leave a layer of adhesive on the body, do not damage the paint or varnish. Upon wrapping a car in film and cutting the film with a knife, the body is not cut. All of these advantages of this material allow us to perform wrapping in a professional manner and wrap small parts, for example, chrome mouldings, side mirrors, front grills, and complex bumpers. Based on our experience, we can state that wrapping small chrome mouldings is possible only using the 3M films, as a result – creating Shadowline appearance that will last for a long time without coming off at the corners. The cost of fully wrapping a car starts at about 1300€ (small cars).


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We are offering full or partial car vinyl wrapping

We are offering full or partial car vinyl wrapping, interior parts vinyl wrapping, vinyl wrapping of chrome parts, chrome mouldings, and grills. Shadowline, gloss black, matte black, or your preferred colour tone selected from the 3M colour palette.


Porsche 911 vinyl wrapping using 1080 series film

Car vinyl wrapping practiced in London


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