Car polishing

Polishing car painted parts, and visual paint renewal.

The range of the services we offer includes car paint polishing, paint renewal, removal of superficial scratches, and waxing painted surfaces. It is possible to achieve, as a result, paint gloss without traces of polishing (holograms), which are particularly noticeable and visible in sunlight for dark-coloured cars.

Car paint is polished using the newest generation of Radex polishing systems, the application of which leads to flawlessly perfect paint gloss that lasts long and shows no scratches. Even after several car washes, the paint gloss will remain the same. The scratches existent prior to polishing will not show themselves on the paint, which can often be the case when a car is washed after a low-quality or rushed and cheap polishing. Radex polishing systems do not contain small particles of wax, which means that the paste directly polishes the scratch in the paint or varnish instead of filling it with a layer of wax. When scratches are filled with wax, but the actual scratches are not polished, and while the car paint seems smoothly polished, of course, this effect only lasts until the car goes for its first car wash. Most of other manufacturer pastes contain particles of wax that allow achieving gloss very fast. However, such gloss is not long-lasting. After a few visits to the car wash, the wax is washed out of scratches, and the initial defects of the paint become even more noticeable, until, finally, the car body paint returns to the state it was in prior to the polishing.

Professional and qualitative car paint polishing takes up 2-4 days. The costs of such polishing are starting from 200 €  for full body polishing. The price of the polishing serviec depends on the car size and depth of the defects (scratches).

Fast, cheap car body polishing is not polishing at all. It is merely a short-term wax shine for scratched paint!

For polishing, we use only the new new Radex polishing systems without particles of wax.

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